Friday, April 01, 2005

Not writing too much...

As regular readers, and especially those of you who have subscriptions to the RSS feed are aware, my writing here has slipped as I have been transitioning into the new role. I have taken the view that I am not going to write directly about the role at this stage. As this is taking up 13 hours of my day at the moment, and my wife has a genuine reason for my time, writing is a bit harder.

Why? Well it is a combination of the culture of private banking, our low profile at the moment. Blogging about work has a relevancy but it's never going to be the first strand of an online resourcing positioning.

What do I have planned? I will continue to contribute some more articles about thoughts, trends and conversations that I see. As I now have a much more active role in the whole 'talent piece' they may broaden in scope slightly. I would encourage you all to use the RSS option which will enable you to cope with a slightly more irregular level of posting.

What's currently on my mind? Building succession planning throughout an organisation, performance management and building a recruitment approach which will hopefully scare some of our talent competitors. Oh, and lots and lots of listening.