Tuesday, April 26, 2005

An easy sell - Geneva

Mercer placed Geneva joint 1st again in their 2005 Quality of Life survey and as the summer festival season starts I'm not at all surprised.

My wife & I are big culture fans. In London I spent an extraordinary amount of time at events, pre-show parties, post-show parties, post-post-show sessions, you get the picture.

When we announced that we were moving to Geneva lots of people cried 'you'll be bored'. Not so my friends.

Whilst we don't have the art scene that London has we do have a great choice in live music, again, not as big as London but with the benefit that you can actually get tickets.

This year we've managed to see REM, been to the Jazz festival at Cully (Seu Jorge was great), been to two modern dance productions by the surrealist Alias Compagnie we've got tickets to see Esa-Pekka Salonen at Verbier do Stravinsky, Berio and Hillborg, a few nights at the Montreux Jazz Festival and then a few nights at Paleo. Then there is more ballet with the Bejart. And this doesn't include all the free music nights sitting in the parks with a friends & a few bottles of the local rosé, the summer theatre in the Orangerie, the 30 something public museums & galleries.

The Tour de France comes delightfully close & today we've got the start of the Tour de Romandie today with cycling through the steep cobbled streets of the old town.

All of this of course is great news for the recruiter. Convincing someone to come to one of the safer cities of the world, with skiing 45 mins from the front door in the winter and summer evenings lounging around on boats on the lake and all this going on is not too difficult.

As neither of us are Swiss we don't see this as our home for ever. But it's a good base for now.