Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Spring might be here.

Given that On Talent and Heather of Marketing at Microsoft fame seem to be sharing their weather experiences I thought that I would bring this 'off topic' post. (You could also claim that as I am English then weather would be a big part of any conversation.)

We had a really weird winter. Since arriving here in Geneva a few years ago winters have been grey and cold-ish. I can't remember any snow lasting more than 24 hours in the valley.

Yesterday the snow finally melted in our garden - it had been there since January. Last week we had a heavy snowfall, which in the mountains translated into 1 metre deep powder snow. Now that was fun. My wife and I skied a lovely steep bumpy black not knowing where our knees were, never mind the skis. I don't think I've laughed so much in years.

This week the temperature is about 20 degrees C. Yesterday, the 'plage' in the village had some intrepid woman sunbathing next to the lake with the last bit of snow in the shadows under the trees. We have primroses in the hedges and the first flower has opened this lunchtime in the garden.

So skiing might be over for this year. Onto cycling in the foothills of the Alps and dreaming of summer evenings spent with a good bottle of the local Rose with friends in a boat on the lake.

Geneva constantly comes in the top of those 'world standard of living' league tables and it's times like these when I sit back, smile and understand why.