Thursday, March 03, 2005

Recruitment Networking goes niche

Not the first, and no doubt not the last - Danish company Networking4People has launched it's first 'social' network aimed at recruitment in the SAP market.

Just as in the job-board market going niche has advantages (it's a classical strategic evolution - just think about how many different categories of cars there are now than 15 years ago) however, unlike job-boards it does presuppose that SAP people network mainly with SAP people.

Take two instances:

Person A wants to contact person B. Both are SAP specialists

For a niche network to work then all the intermediary contacts are SAP people.
For a larger network to hold the strength then an intermediary between A and B could be none-SAP. However there will be more 'noise' and the intermediary will likely be in less of a position to determine the 'quality' of the approach.

Niche networks are worth watching but should sit on the periphery of any recruiters channels. As always it is worth measuring time spent on these activities to get a true understanding of cost-per-channel.