Thursday, March 03, 2005

Another survey on what causes people to move

Today's Daily Telegraph has an article entitled There's more to life than pay which discusses how managers judge their roles. The survey which the article is based on is interesting because it is not conducted by a recruitment firm, therefore it doesn't just survey active job-seekers.

Commenting on the research Andrew Platt-Higgins, planning director at recruitment firm Barkers believes
state of the housing market is largely responsible and points to the fact that 53 per cent of RCI respondents say the location of a job would influence whether or not they applied for it.

I am not in total agreement with this, as I wrote earlier. The way families organise childcare, and the growing importance of two-career families at the managerial level increasingly determine the likeliness of relocation, not the state of the housing market.

For more information on judging what influences career choice see this earlier article: Understanding what matters to the candidate