Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Emerging role - Human Resources/IT programme manager

The Boston Herald ran an article on 17 Jan (sorry I can't find it online) about an emerging role in organisations - the Human Resources/IT manager.

The paper defines the role as
For the most part, Schafer said, the human resources/IT manager will be part of the IT department and report to a CIO or to someone who reports directly to a CIO. In smaller companies, though, the manager will report to human resources, but the support piece of the job will remain in IT.

Among the tasks assigned to the human resources/IT manager is assuring consistency in the way people-management processes are implemented and used, Schafer noted. For example, the manager would ensure that incentive programs are administered consistently across the group.

Technology is obviously becoming a more and more important part of HR as HR wants to deliver more personalised services directly to the employee, especially in the form of shared services and for the smarter, intranet delivered services. Managing the implementation of this is of critical importance.

I am not entirely sure that this is SO new. HRIS managers are common in most large organisations. The change is probably the scale and impact of the technology.