Wednesday, January 19, 2005

ChevronTexaco - almost great

Catching up on a copy of the FT I picked up at Schiphol on Monday night I see a striking, full page ad from ChevronTexaco:
Where do we find our most talented employees?
Pick a country

The advert read with a well written 10 line copy about how 96% of their employees globally are hired locally.

The last time I recall such employee based corporate brand advertising was in the late 90's when I was at JP Morgan. At the height of the 'War for Talent' era the corporate ad slogan of 'I work for JP Morgan' was extremely powerful. Whether it was in Milan, Helsinki, Paris or Bangalore everyone knew it. It was a powerful recruiting tool.

ChevronTexaco had a link at the bottom of the page so I followed it. Another well written page explaining in more detail the localisation efforts. I was impressed at this stage. Not only is such advertising a great internal moral booster but it also sends a clear message - we believe in our talented individuals and are proud of them.

The page had two links for further information - both to corporate and social responsibility info. I would have thought a career page would have been useful, but as the Careers tab was still on the left menu I could forgive them this. (Note to their marketing people - read 'Linking the corporate and employment brands')

I click on Careers and then look at 'Why ChevronTexaco'. Have a look, you will find the following
Global opportunities
We have operations and employees in more than 180 countries. You may want to travel and work in different locations around the world. Or, you may want to stay and grow in one location. Whatever your path, as part of ChevronTexaco, you career will have an impact. Globally.

Now tell me, is building one of your key employment brand messages 'Global opportunities' when your corporate marketing team are promoting localisation policies such a great move. (I acknowledge that it doesn't say everyone should have a global career but we know that only 4% of their staff get to work outside their country)

Come on guys - HR, Marketing - talk to each other.