Thursday, December 16, 2004

Video on CVs

There was an article yesterday in the Edmonton Journal about a company - seeMyInterview who have set up a service offering video on electronic CVs.

The paper reports Larry Hill, president of seeMyInterview as saying
"It's a 11/2 minute elevator pitch on why you should hire me"


"I found that many employers did not get a good understanding of a resume just from what they read," he said. "As a recruiter, because I had interviewed the candidates I would propose to them, I saw elements that would only be evident if they came face to face.

"We have a culture that evaluates just by paper too quickly."

"Usually with interviews, one of the biggest areas is body language and your verbal skills. This video features all of this and it makes a difference."

The final point is interesting. Most good interviewers will try to get past this initial impact and onto the content of the interview. Sure, first impressions matter but in my experience the interviewer goes into the interview expecting the candidate to perform (or they wouldn't have called them in). Negative first impressions are more likely to be remembered.

Faced with a pile of, let's say, 100 CVs for a role, am I going to spend 90 seconds per candidate watching a video which isn't focussed on the questions I want answering? The recruiter isn't looking at the CV for the candidate to present themselves - they are looking to find evidence of the experience needed. Write your CV to focus on the role you're applying for (using the same sort of keywords used in the job description, constructed into meaningful sentences) and you'll catch the recruiter's attention.

The article reports that the fee for the service is $150 and the company is offering it to colleges, universities and other educational institutions.