Monday, December 20, 2004

More dumb things

In an excellent summary entitled The 17 dumbest things in recruitment on Electronic Recruiting Exchange Dr. John Sullivan gives his pet hates about the world of recruitment - very apt they are.

In the spirit of the article I would like to add:

18. Failure to create a transparent, open internal job market
How many firms do you know where jobs are badly promoted internally (they are put on some page deep in the intranet) and capable, known staff miss out on great opportunities. Adding to this how many firms do you know where there are rules such as 'you must get your manager's consent before applying' or 'you must have been in your current role for 18 months'? Do HR departments really think that candidates have such rules when applying to a competitor?

19. More on measurement
Far too few companies use the information that they already own (what's on their HRIS or even ATS) to analyse trends, gaps, segments, behaviours etc. How many of those poor websites could be improved just by looking at how people use their websites?
Not only don't HR departments put financial impacts to their metrics, they rarely put information that is useful for forward looking decision making.

Failure to build relationships

If someone has invested the trust to give a company personal details they are already warm. Companies rarely use this relationship (with permission) to keep them informed on upcoming projects, internal news etc. Not 'junk' mail, targeted information about the company that they will appreciate. Just been in the press talking about a great new technology development? Do they think that their technology pool might be interested in this?

21. Failure to manage the Press
How many recruitment departments do you know that sit down with the company press team to discuss how to build reputation in areas where there are skill shortages. Cheap, easy, quick. The media are calling out for interesting stories, especially at a local area (where most staff come from).

What have I missed?